Mobile Gym reservation App

This project involved conducting user research, practicing user-centered design, building a design from data to fit user's needs and designing an App for mobile.

I started by creating a persona based on a user interview, taking into account  the users' needs, goals, and pain points. The user’s name is Jessie, a freelance graphic designer working from home. She would like to plan her activities outside of her work more efficiently so that she can enjoy her free time. One of her needs was to go to the gym. Her pain point was wasting time too much time waiting for machine at the gym. The simple solution was to be able to reserve her workout time.

Tools:  Axure, Pop, Invision, Photoshop, Omnigraffe.

I studied competitions and made a Competitive/Comparative & Task Analyses about their features and functionality vs my persona's needs. I found out the users have to enter a lot of data and reservation was not possible. Users complained about spending a lot of time planning their workout.

So, I sketched different screens based on user-centered design focuses on user needs/tasks.

I tested my GymPal App with different users. According of usability testing data, I eliminated repetitive information to reduce the number of screens.

Given more time to do research, I would like to investigate exercise routines in the app and user progress tracking.