Mobile Shopping App

Tools:  Axure, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Omnigraffe.

The Target App was a team project.

My role was on a team of 3. My primary contributions included user research, affinity diagrams, persona creation, ideation, creative design, “high-fidelity prototyping/wireframing”, and sketching. I was responsible for making interactive screens for the checkout process with Axure. I was also in charge of initial usability testing of the existing Target App. The results of these tests showed weak areas where we could improve the user experience.

Target's challenge:

  • Increasing brand awareness and the sales of home goods
  • Providing shoppers with an enjoyable mobile experience while also shopping in-store.

Our solution:

  • Focus on creating a digital experience that mirrors the customers in-store experience.

Our process:


  • We conducted research interviews among Target customers who shop in-store and also use the Target App.
    We used the information that we gathered from our interviews and affinity diagram to create a persona who we named Celine. We included Celine’s bio, goals, pain points and habits/interests.
  • We studied Target content inventory to better understand their large content and navigation system.
    We conducted competitive analysis to learn about the capabilities
    of other shopping apps to see what they were doing differently than the Target App.


  • We thoughtfully built the user flow and information architecture
    by taking Celine, our persona through the system step by step.


  • We conducted a design studio where we individually brainstorm and sketch all of our ideas, then come together to compare what we like/don’t like about each other’s designs, then separate again before we come back together to compile our final design. We created our final clickable prototype using Axure.

Test and Deliver

  • We tested the app with skilled shoppers.
  • We found that users needed additional training or examples of the drag off screen functionality, to personalize their browsing experiences.
  • Users wanted more functionality in the filter dropdown.