Mylio-  Meeting Customer Needs Through Usability Testing

Photos and media management app

Tools:  Photoshop, Omnigraffle, Calendal, 

The Client


Mylio is a software company founded in 2013. Their flagship product is an application that enables users to organize, sync and share photos, videos and documents across multiple devices.

The Problem

Mylio’s product was initially developed for professional photographers. The company changed its focus to target everyday people, however the product was not designed for this market. 

The Challenge

To redesign the user interface for average consumers, an aggressive enhancement schedule was laid out which called for an updated version to be released every six weeks. The company determined that usability testing was critical to better understand this new market and make sure the enhancements were meeting the market needs. 

To keep pace with the schedule, usability testing needed to be conducted every week.  Feedback was compiled for the product and development teams, and the next week’s testing would combine testing of new enhancements with retesting enhancements that had been revised based on user feedback.  

Because the average consumer was a new market for Mylio, it was important to find the right users, and because the product enables users to share and sync across multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Android, tablet), the usability testing needed to be executed across all of those platforms.   

Pace and complexity both needed to be managed to enable the company to meet its goals.

My Role

I served as the usability researcher on a team of three with the Senior UX Designer and Product Manager.

My responsibilities were to establish and conduct the weekly usability testing.

I collaborated with product management to define test goals, selected and engaged testers, facilitated the tests including A/B tests, analyzed results and formulated feedback and recommendations to the lead senior UX designer.

In addition because the company had not previously done a lot of usability testing, I developed and documented a usability testing process to ensure consistency, efficiency and repeatability in test execution.  I also rewrote user interface guidelines (UX book) for the core product to ensure that all information was relevant and current.